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Solar System Game

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This Solar System puzzle is great for allowing a child to physically experience individual planets. The base consists of engraved names of individual planets and holes for each one of them. Your child can use the tongs to practise placing every planet in the correct space.

The planets come with different sizes – similar to reality.

They are all hand-painted which makes them unique – to reflect character of each individual celestial bodies.

Wooden planets are painted with approved paints which are safe for little ones. In addition, they are varnished to preserve colors with a colorless, odorless varnish.

The kit includes:

– planets in woolen bag (from the set)

– wooden pliers

– the Solar System board

– cards with names and photos of each planet

– descriptions sheet of individual planets

Your child gains knowledge through play, practices little motor skills using pliers supplied and eye-hand coordination while practising positioning of planets on the solar board, learns precision while learning about the construction of the Solar System. Also through playing, the child practices memory by repeating the names and positions of the planets.


– base: 480x250mm

– the largest planet: diameter 55mm

– smallest planet: diameter 25mm

CE varnish used during production process.

Suitable for childeren 3+

All puzzels available in English.

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2 reviews for Solar System Game

  1. Rating
    5 out of 5

    So we have just got this fab resource and we love it!
    Again the size of this product is amazing- I often buy items and when they arrive they are much smaller then stated but these resources are amazing and great for sharing / turn taking

    The planets (balls) are solid wood and the children love using the tongs to move them around. We also loved the fun fact sheet that came with it

  2. Rating
    5 out of 5

    This puzzle is what first drew me to Hoopoe. It’s amazing! A great size and so well made. I thought it would be too advanced for my 2 year old but she loved it and learnt so much. It’s one that can be adapted and more challenge brought in as she gets older. It’s so good!

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