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Coloctopus Game


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Educational Octopus is an educational aid suitable for children above the age of three. While playing with the Octopus the level of difficulty may be changed what makes the toy usable for a long time. The primary aim of the Educational Octopus is to help younger children to develop their manual skills, train t fine motor skills, strengthen their finger grip and give them a chance to practice visual-motor coordination. It can also be used to learn how to distinguish colors and divide them into categories of warm, cold and neutral. Playing with colours has a positive impact on shaping social and communicational skills. For older children the toy provides an excellent training in logical thinking as well as perceptiveness. The games played with Education Octopus require concentration and help children to learn how to stay focused on a task. The toy can be used in many different ways, stimulating the imagination. Thanks to the Educational Octopus, children acquire and shape the ability to count and compare and become familiar with the mathematical concept of a set.

The set contains:
– a wooden head in the shape of a bell with three cords ended with beads to facilitate stringing (the length of the string can be adjusted by dragging it in any direction)
– 24 wooden rings in six colors
– a brochure with instructions and inspirations on how to play with the Educational Octopus
– one wooden dice with colorful dots on it
– a packaging bag made of cotton

Manufactured by Buu.
CE varnish used during production process.
Suitable for children 3+
All puzzles are available in English.

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