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“Every woman’s world completely changes after  her first baby”.

We all know that from experience but for everyone, it means something different. Even though worlds are transformed, what’s most important is that parenthood ideas can be innate and are converted when we follow our hearts.

We are three different mums with three different toddlers but everyone of us is focused on her child’s  harmonious, balanced and cheerful development.  As  parents, we are continuously inspired by the Montessori approach to pursue  happy, gentle, friendly,  loving and respectful parenting.

The idea behind the Hoopoe TOYS  is to give your child lots of opportunity to explore the world and to help develop his/her life skills through play.

We know that the best way for children to learn is through activity and  creative space.  Every toy from our offer is examined by us and especially by our children. We love to play with them and discover new ways to spend time fruitfuly.

We work hard to find out unique, safe, certified and good quality resources. We also care about families by bringing them together, that’s why we would be delighted to share with you our experience and give you some inspiration for great family time.